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Cosplay How To: Articulated Wings, Part 5

One of the biggest challenges of articulated wings is how to make it move while still looking like a natural bird wing. A lever joint like we’ve made so far doesn’t look like a natural bird joint. So, we disguised it.

The next section will depend a great deal on the size and shape of your […]

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Cosplay How To: Articulated Wings, Part 4

By now, you have a PVC monstrosity that is probably taking over a large portion of your living space. Let’s talk for a moment on how to work on this thing without hating your life.

Behold! Our hacked together wing stand:

What you are looking at is:

A Christmas tree stand
a piece of 2×2
two clamps
and… something heavy

We had all […]

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Cosplay How To: Articulated Wings, Part 3

So, you’ve got the straps. Onto the PVC slots:

The PVC slots are the part that hold actually hold the wings on your back. For this, you will need:

– a section of 2in PVC pipe. You’ll need about 1 ft total. I got a pre-cut 2 Ft section, and that worked pretty well.

– 3/4 in PVC […]

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Cosplay How To: Wings, Part 2 – Wing Harness

Hey look! It’s part two! We talked about the basic structure of the wings in part one. But having a wing skeleton won’t do you any good if you can’t strap it to your back. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this post. Behold, the wing harness!!!

Yeeeeah… it’s not very impressive when it’s […]

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Cosplay How-To: Articulated Wings, Part 1

Before I start, here’s the plan. I’m going to write up this “Articulated Wing” tutorial in parts. Once all the parts are posted, I’ll compile them together in one massive articulated wings tutorial post so it’s easier to find everything in one place. So, with that, here we go! First up…
Articulated Wing Skeleton
These are the […]

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