BeeCostume Guru
Bee is our sewing guru, tinkerer of websites, and self-described “Magister Equitum.” She is also a history nerd, and a stickler for historical and technical accuracy. If you asked her nicely, she would probably make you a really tasty omelette, affectionately known as a “nomelette” by the LTW elves.
EllethMad Scientist
El is our resident semi-mad scientist and general “maker of things.” She’s the reason Laurel Tree exists. She has always been way too talented for her own good, and this is the outlet that keeps her talents from running wild and causing havoc.
Miss Kavi Petch
Miss Kavi PetchCosplayer
KaviĀ is our cosplayer-in-residence, community correspondent and all around awesome person. Check out Kavi’s Facebook for more info about her personal cosplay projects.