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Becoming Gul’dan – The Start

I’ll be honest – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull this off. I mean… look at him! There’s armor, horns, skulls, chains, glowing runes, and other such accoutrements of the spooky warlock variety. Oh, and he’s a gnarly old green orc.

But can you imagine how awesome it would be to pull it […]

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Cosplay How To: Articulated Wings, Part 5

One of the biggest challenges of articulated wings is how to make it move while still looking like a natural bird wing. A lever joint like we’ve made so far doesn’t look like a natural bird joint. So, we disguised it.

The next section will depend a great deal on the size and shape of your […]

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Cosplay How To: Articulated Wings, Part 4

By now, you have a PVC monstrosity that is probably taking over a large portion of your living space. Let’s talk for a moment on how to work on this thing without hating your life.

Behold! Our hacked together wing stand:

What you are looking at is:

A Christmas tree stand
a piece of 2×2
two clamps
and… something heavy

We had all […]

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