Angela Blanc

You may have noticed that it’s been pretty quiet around here. There’s a reason for that: we hit a major setback with the Angela Blanc costume, and it’s been all hands on deck to get back on track. We planned from the beginning to make Angela’s wings articulated. We built a basic skeleton with moving joints out of wooden dowels, wires and wheels, and had gotten so far that we started attaching feathers to it.

Welp, it started to break. The dinky little wheels we had gotten weren’t strong enough to endure the torque of the fully extended, fully feathered wing. Worse yet, it wasn’t really a fixable problem. Soooo… yeah… it was pretty demoralizing. We faced the hard decision of scrapping our hopes of an extendable wing, or starting from scratch. But before we gave up for good, the ever enthusiastic Kavi gave us a much needed pep talk, and threw herself at the internet to see what other cosplayers had done. Kavi found this:

It worked for him, so we figured we could make it work for us as well. So, OFF TO THE HARDWARE STORE!

As of today, we’ve completely rebooted the wing structure, and so far, so good! Are we going to post about it? YOU BET, but we still need to test a few other things before we’re satisfied that it’ll work the way we want it to.

May I just say that I am SO GLAD that this happened now, and not a week before NDK.